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All systems running fine.

Planned maintenance

Tier-2 maintenance downtime

Start: 2023-04-03 08:00:00
End: 2023-04-07 22:00:00
Updated: 2023-03-30 22:46:22
Level: high

Tier-2 maintenance downtime We are planning a larger Tier-2 downtime from April 3 till April 7 (inclusive). Both Genius and wICE will be unavailable in this period. This downtime is needed to perform the following work:

This also means that jobs on Genius will need to be submitted via Slurm after the downtime. At the start of the migration to Slurm, any still-queueing jobs that were submitted with the current scheduler (PBS/Torque) will be lost. You will hence need to resubmit these as Slurm jobs after the downtime, if you happen to have any. If you are not yet familiar with Slurm, you can already try it out now on the wICE cluster, so that you will be ready to continue working after the downtime.