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test of UGent datacenter S10 Disaster Recovery Procedure (DRP)

Start: 2023-07-11 08:00:00
End: 2023-07-11 20:00:00
Updated: 2023-05-29 06:07:32
Level: high

On Tuesday 11 July 2023, a planned test of the UGent datacenter S10 Disaster Recovery Procedure (DRP) will take place.

As a result, there will temporarily be no network access to all infrastructure hosted in UGent datacenter S10.

This includes Tier-1 login nodes + web portal, HPC-UGent Tier-2 login nodes + web portal, as well as the VSC accountpage ).

It should not affect running jobs, unless they require access to outside world (which will not work).
Internal network + access to shared filesystems ($VSC_HOME, $VSC_DATA, $VSC_SCRATCH*) from jobs on the system will be unaffected.